• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 12
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Well, just a thought.

Don't you have any that filter blue light, I asked the woman in the wordshop.
Colander, she said, though I only have the plastic whisper version. Then nutshell is a more layered one, she said, and it is sustainable. It might also be a good investment, she said, light years from now. Words that are not seoed are quite sought-after for auction.
And the ones not seaed.
That she also said.
The intergalactic void in her shesaidness blacked out my already eclipsed retina.
Then nutshell is fine, I stiffupperlipped, while scraping up seven doaldrs.
Though ...,
one more question, Mrs Notwithstanding.
Does it also sift blue light that is speckled?
She pointed at a tongue-in-cheek dangling above the counter.
A nutshell once sold will not be hindsighted, she said, it says.