• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 06
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Welcome to the Badlands

Welcome, they said.

This is our playground, our front yard.

It’s your first day. We’ll show you around.

Steal the letters of your name off the plastic sign of the liquor store
in the neon light of the morning.

Welcome, to these dry rituals.

Your eyesight needs to be good here.

Burning light is an asset. Especially when following the moving target.

Flat gravel is good to do wheelies in - as the trucks race each other
like giant growler beasts.

Welcome, to survival.

There always should be a cooler in your trunk.

Noon is not an option here. You better learn how to track lizards.

You know how to drink beer like water? Well done, girl.
Now aim at that glint like the sky. Yeah.

Welcome, you done good.