• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 03

We Must address: our H2O Crisis

Drip, Drip
Tock, Tock
We Must: Act Quick!

Have you ever seen fish ~ flapping, to death
inches: from their Ocean of salvation
and wondered, if only they’d have acted
when they had the chance?

Well, that’s Humanity in 2021!

I know how unlikely - a reality
we witness when we dare
to rip a sim: in our safety cocoon
of barbed wire indifference.

Please, do not mistake these words
for ‘those’ fear-mongering Tabloid headlines
we - need only Act: as one, intrusting
in that ‘collective good’ that’s never failed.

Reducing Wastage is our immediate avenue
for tangible results, so let’s fight to make
‘Address Our H2O Crisis’
a ‘trending’ message: that no one Dare ignore.


We Must address: our H2O Crisis

Individually, we can contribute - tighten those taps
but it’s our Industry’s: that must React immediately
Globally, more than 75% of our Wastage is caused
by brazen attitudes to Archaic infrastructures.

This isn’t merely
our latest emergency
to add to that never ending pile of consequence
from our Ancestral heritage of wilful ignorance.

Our ‘H2O Crisis’
is a Death Sentence for Our children
with consequence’s double-barrelled muzzle
pressed firmly: at Our collective throats.

We all, must bravely face
our surreal of fated Veracity
within contradiction’s - impossibilities
our Blue planet: is becoming Waterless...

Write, talk, campaign - side-by-side
sign petitions and raise awareness
maybe we propose January and July’s - 31 days
as bookend months: for ‘Nature Awareness’?

Save the blame game
for those ‘who-dun-it’ after story biopics
let Us be ‘that’ generation of insightful Adults
who took Action: when it counted!