• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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We manage to escape it

Dust and mud cover cold fingers,
Forging symbols,
That create a civilization of which all of us are victims.

The waters turn red,
From the blood of those trying to escape the bondage of chains,
But how can they fight themselves free,
When the other side of the swim means drowning?

I am here to speak to the ones that still have a soul:
Be strong,
They cannot seal the horizon,
We will all be what we’re destined.

I no longer tremble; I no longer fear.
I am no one, and I am everyone.
Together we swell the numbers of those bearing the burdens,
And they no longer crush us.

Out of the spirit of love,
We burn incense to clear away the hate,
And manage to escape it.

What now it’s red will turn into spring.
There will be flowers,
A landscape ennobled by the ones who hoped,
By those who ceaselessly believed.