• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 05

We. Don’t. Think. So.

When you dare to put your hand through to the other side anything’s possible. You feel something. You feel nothing. You feel something you don’t like the feel of. You feel something you do like the feel of. Your hand is grasped by another hand. Or not. But the thing that really matters is that you trust: you put your hand through.

But what if it’s you on the other side? You, putting your hand through to this side? What if we just stare at your hand and don’t take it, don’t respond, refuse to touch you. How does that feel? You know we can hear you bellowing out your harsh, ‘I’ll build walls. I’ll slash foreign aid. (Who are they anyway?). I’ll ban any reporter I want to ban. (The ones who write Fake News). I’ll sign lots of executive orders (Don’t I look good, doing this?). It’s all up for grabs. In my hands.’

So you say. But if we refuse to take your hand you can’t do any of it. You need us to agree. We won’t even rise to applaud you, with our hands, when you address us. Some of us have gone so far as to think your hand is a Fake Hand. You say, again, ‘It’s in my hands. It’s all up for grabs.’

We. Don’t. Think. So.