• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 02
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we could do blank, couldn’t we

i thought us in breakfast
drawing on egg shells    sky blue
toast crumbs on the table,
the sun intermittent. we could do boring

400 lux strolling banbury
on a sunday after bandwork.
conducting now, orange juice in hand,

i watch your god
pass thru you like a radio
this batch too absorbing you once more;
my teeth grinding, my elton speeding

and all my traffic signs like toys.
but this was the way
was it not.

milk cartons emptying, devouring the
medialunas. we could do fast,
retracing our steps
to iguazu
back to amsterdam
back home through your thames
leaving the current take us again
some unexpected place

like it has done before; only this time
out of a misplaced wish to feel
chapter 1 on chapter 12 and taunt my god.


we could do blank, couldn’t we

“ingrate child, we’ve been knew on you”

“i’ve been helping sis”

“don't make me come down there”

in hindsight, with patience,
i see we could do open and close,
avocado seeds    red lids, theorising cloudy buenos aires. we could do time.

the sun intermittent
ready. we could do anything.