• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 04
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We Breathe the Same Air

My lungs fill and fly with the wind.
My heart is this fast-moving cloud.
With root chakra energy,
I step into the daylight—
unsure of the welcoming I long for.
I thought this land promised
open arms.

In a newfound place to call home,
I pull my coat tighter—
every button secure.
Holding a bag of hope,
I look out at the open space
of possibility.
The pavement I walk on
is streaked with burnt orange.
The sky above
is a cornflower blue.
The sound of beeping horns
does not hamper my ability
to see what could be.

We breathe the same air—
shop at the same stores.
We scramble eggs in a skillet—
serve them up to our hungry families.
My children—
your children—
they are all just children.
We are all just human.