• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 11
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We are the always on the right side of good

There is a gap in between the sheets of everything we had said and not said. I am following it with my fingers tracing the shapes of a future lives. We are always on the right side of good. It is that repetitive good good that I like. I am liking you in all ways. It makes my heart sing to know that the trees have started to grow again and she is on her way to us. The castle is green and covered in leaves that have fallen just in one specific place as though it was meant that way. The building grows around us and emerges just like in our dreams. I am whispering because I like it. I'm hearing all your secrets and you are happily sharing them whilst I take photos of everything that surrounds us. The breeze is gentle and calm and we are way beyond all the hype. I am singing and making shapes again, you are there just around the corner smiling. We are sovereign, my heart is light and the water is under the bridge.