• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 06


It was the ship of dreams, solid and unsinkable, it seemed, but when the old man passed, it all went to hell. People stepped down to the water’s edge, tried to stay afloat but there was water water everywhere. They buried reason in the backyard, then buried themselves alive with water water everywhere. Factories stopped producing shoes and furniture and cars, and made a large powerful gun and when you have a gun you want to be in control of it. Arms made it easy for people to hate people. Turn you into someone without a backward glance, someone who prefers one-way systems to cycles, so you accept what is and forget what was, praying for a red body of water water everywhere.

We are but ghosts, lost in fog and ice, a dead albatross hanging around our necks like a curse. There’s water water everywhere. Deep and wild and green.