• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

Watching, Brief

Through hoops, both obstacles in sway
and see-though drapes in cut away,
illusions punctured by the real;
the reels of past concerns replayed -
magic lantern, that the butler
saw fashion shapes would mould ourselves

As comfort bath and cleansing rite,
the loofa scraping off dead skin
or phytoplankton from the deep,
those trenches buried beyond reach -
could they be trenchers from our board -
hid swathe of faint in feinting light,
a horde of treasures unexplored?
Pearl mothers, poisoned families;
wave energy where waivers surf,;
The hungry Cloud, most unaware?

Bouts, sailing through this pea green soup
without texture (contextualise?)
pass fleet of dream though not of foot,
pick pin point pricks in vaguery.
Broad cut outs from a storyboard,
but bored if interrupts our growth
as words re-rooted from our store.

AI rebooted, scoring us,
ensuring we are apt to scratch?