• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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Walpurgis Night

When the Queen, blood moon, rises
and her court of diamond stars shine
brightly from their black velvety palace,

they leave their boyfriends, husbands
and their children, sneak out from the
open windows and fly to the top of

the Lysaya Gora - the Bald Mountain.

Under-loved, underappreciated, they
gather in their thousands. Lighting
the fires of their dreams, they burn

herbs. They sing songs and dance in circles.
Naked. With hula-hoops and tambourines.
Channelling their inner goddesses.

Somewhat lost. Somewhat forgotten.

In the dark waters of the blood river,
they re-capture the true reflection of their beings.
Goddesses. Powerful. Fearless.

of all the ages, colours, shapes, and sizes.
Rejuvenated, they return at dawn,
to be once again

girlfriends, wives, and mothers.