• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 10

Walking through the darkness . . .

It all started with a question. "How to reach it?" Okay, what is IT? "IT" is the light at the end of the dark tunnel – the tunnel which I dunno how long is!

Ok, I get it. "Do you still believe you will see the light?"
"Hell, yeah! I do. I am not sure if I per se will see IT. But I am sure, IT prevails there and I need to get to IT to see. IT wont come to me! So, I keep moving, with hope."

That is how a conversation goes between heart and mind on the worst days, which outnumber the better days in life. We all face it. Some times a day or two, many a times a few days in a row. We can't help the worse days to disappear. All we can do is to face 'em. We face dampened emotions, unmuted melancholy, grey scale scenarios and all that negativity. We put on a masquerade, smile at jokes that tend to hurt us, wear a smile that lets none believe we are drifting into a black hole. Dull senses, darker periods, stifled voices, lost taste and what not! We get accustomed to a pretended life. Passing every day, pretending to be happy and laughing at jokes that never made sense!

Days like these are when we get so insane and consider ending our own lives. Before we realize what we had decided upon, we are gone. Every day struggles like this? What is the point? And, nobody would speak of the bravery needed to create an end card, but would curse the cowardly nature wishing to die! If you plan to make your end card – in other words – suicide/self harming/whatever, take a moment to think. All these mentioned practices need more courage; dying demands more courage than to live.


Walking through the darkness . . .

So, plan and live your life. Let the fear near to you. Overcome the depressions, the tough times and prove your strength and derive happiness. Walk – walk through the dark hours, we will definitely see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. For life is once and we deserve to be happy! Do not stuff your happiness into another's pocket. Yes, seeing others' happiness is the truest form of joy, but at what cost? Not at the cost of your happiness. So, LIVE! Let's walk through the darkness and say it is going to be alright!