• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 07
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Walking the Waves

The full moon was rising above the trees. Aunt Jen held out the bowl of water infused with herbs and white flowers. She placed it in a patch of moonlight.

Mary felt the warm wood floor under her bare feet, the breeze through the open window. Out there, she could see shadows moving in the trees.

The water was cool; Mary's feet tingled. Aunt Jen's voice became a whisper, the sound of leaves.

What do you feel? she said.

Sand, Mary said. I feel sand. It's wet.

What do you see?

A beach. Waves. Light on the water. Oh! A shell. And look! Blue glass.

Aunt Jen was walking beside her. The sea breeze turned her hair to seaweed.

When they came back, Mary was holding the striped shell in her hand.

You are learning, Aunt Jen said. Next month, you can help me make the spirit water. We'll go back to the beach, and walk on the waves.