• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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waiting games

before reason, arms,
sheep-thought, follow the leader,
count sleep, jump fence, border, horizon.
before reason, line up,
look sharp, sprout stones,
aim right for the hurt.
before reason, before thought,
just say hate, in monochrome
steel hearts.

how did we come where we have come?
were we here before, are we here yet?
what did we believe was greener grass
for our future? fodder stiff, we chewed
chewed, chewed, forgetting to talk.
tenderness fled a long time ago. now trees,
now soil, a doze of ozone, but do you have
the pass? all dystopias will be the dystopia
of birth.

who will be the first now, to raise fist,
or finger, say forever: I told you so?