• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 11

Waiting for the Wall-Builders

the evening exhales.

Cool breath
extinguishing light,
subduing hues to make night.

Prickly pears dim their shine
and darken their juice.
Ruby fruits wait in shade
like puckered lips.

Wife sinks,
knees tucked,
crouches weary,
arms heavy.
Chin dips,
skin raw,
tear trails puckered,
eyes sore.

She slips into an empty calm.
The breezeblocks are warm.

And hunched near, a stout package of Mexican
is cached in a target as red as his hot blood.
His face is a polished coffee bean,
his nose chiselled and planed by ancestry.
They hate him for it.

His hat catches rain and keeps the blaze at bay;
it looks like brown paper or dry bread.


Waiting for the Wall-Builders

He wishes it was the lid to a jar
and he was a jalapeno.
If he ducked down…

Lumpy as a swaddled, knuckled fist,
he is bunched for fear, not fight,
and hugs himself, not his wife.

He listens.
He hears.
His eyes are wary.

They are near.