• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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When I'm waiting,
driving through smoke for our meeting,
you want to leave, to sail away.
When I'm waiting,
driving through smoke,
your denial is in the skies.
Just confess your pain.

I saw your hollow heart,
I heard sweet music.
A broken soul with power.
You're in my head.
We're not saints yet;
we don't have halos
but I'll shine a blue light on you.
Our emergency.
Why are you tricking me?
Tell me. Tell me.
There was nothing there.
The sun will rise.
This day is ours.
They know that you are not theirs.
Do the stars have a message?
A militant love. Mercy will come.
You can't say your thoughts tonight.

My angel walks into an empty room.
At night, lonely, a good girl.
Did you see a mechanical tower turning?
Near me. Near you. The blinding betrayal.