• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 06


I stood here burning in the dark,
Staring at this world enshrouded by memories of sanguine indelible stains
impairing my innocence and purity

    In my head—
I try to cremate the deaths with no justice,
I try to heal the maladies with no cure,
I try to be a predator hunting the killer residing within our bones

But instead, I became a sentinel
    Watching the Earth as it perishes

I am chained by these miseries and tragedies
growing from the imprisoned faith beneath my soiled skin,
They tell me to cut it like grasses and roses
When they can only see the edge of it—
    the roots are always deeper than it seems

At twelve, I have accepted the so-called fate of life
My body is history,
    (full of hidden stories)
I have lived with death by my side
And I'm not scared,
    I'm not scared anymore
I'd offer myself, a votive light—
    Just to see you alive.