• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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The Visible Humerus [or in the land of the ossified]

With its vast and subtle range of expression, the five pointer presented a refined, tasile diagram - the atlas of the body. Oh, they were such rigid and pitted surfaces presenting the relationship of one bone to another. Such dynamic structures undergoing constant change and remodelling. Holy moly! A veritable confectionary of digits, tarsals, phalanges, quinti brevis and abductor flexor opponess. Fourteen phalanges were present, the shift of the ulva and radius and a highly visible humerus. Thus presented in subtle tones, the figure appeared as an account of and the map by which we navigate the journey of life [and thus to death]. Life consists of a quest, perhaps an ecological one of a rich and subtle kind and "immediately rather than words comes the thought of high windows, the deep blue air, that shows nothing and is nowhere and is endless".