• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 09

vibrations of my memory

Their song beyond the window
Drew me to leave full plates
Step into the garden
And sink into vibrations of my memory.
The essence held in notes
Of the ties to place
generations ago.

Pictures long since forgotten
Now recalled
From the old country they came
Feet walked upon the planes
Of desert, going west.
Working the railroad, laying track
Through mountain pass
Hot heat and swarming snow
Where eagle and pine entwine.

I see their faces trapped behind the old glass frame
waving hello to the camera
As the ship took passage out beyond.
Left them here, far from the craggy shore
And wild Atlantic roar.

The bending of the notes in the music
Familiar as the hills of Clare


vibrations of my memory

The music
Calling into me
And I cried.
For all outwidth my grasp.
Lost forever now
Except in the very bones of me
Where music awakens a sweet harmony.