• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 06


Click click.
Another life under the lens. Another paycheck. Another person who never looks up.
Pause, wait.
Look down through the brown cloud where the figures are veiled, as lens fights smog for clarity. Up here, there is a smile, curling and unseen. The wind shifts, staggering, strong and unfiltered up here by stacks of buildings, stacks of lives.
Click click... click.
Not your wife. Never your wife. Never discreet either. Glance left, glance right. A classic failing, horizontal thinking. Maybe someday one of you will learn.
Click click click… gone.
Deep breath. Deep exhale. Savor that good air. Toe the edge. Revel in that brief fantasy of flight. To step into that clear atmosphere and not come crashing down. The wind welcoming, the wind buoyant...
Both feet back on the edge, arms down. Come back to earth, do not come crashing down.