• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04

Vahara’s Envoys

I find myself treated kindly,
but without you, I am lost.
My words fade to nonsense
absorbed by alien ears, in this vast,
strange place where I've landed.
Our leader said we'd be teachers
to these floundering humans.
How should we begin to help the race
who've fouled up Earth, their home?
As lone folk, they seem quite sweet,
though their smallness of mind limits
the chances that we bring. Sister,
how is it for you? Do you fare well?

So good to hear known language,
carried in our holy hieroglyphs.
I must not complain, or voice fear,
I too am treated well, just here
in my corner of their planet, Earth.
If only they would extend their love,
the soft concern they show as they brush
my ancient, worn hide. They see only
what is straight in front of them, ignore
the greater turning of the cosmic tides.


Vahara’s Envoys

How must we unlock their brains, their eyes?
I fear if we emerge, reveal our god, Vahara,
who could save their sad, thin skins,
He'll finish up a character, imprisoned
in a children's storybook or film. Still sister
we must not be smothered by stroking.
We must not, until the very end, give up.

[Vahara ~ Hindu pig god]