• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

Vagrant Song

In this dell where faeries dwell
Unspooling wiles and miles
I spin this tale of wedding bells
As April-May collide

Alice, Amelia, Emma, Rose
Unleash your hymns and sun sparrows
Untie your moons and let them glow
And spread your seasons wide

Your fate is not in fabric’s fold
In untouched silks and satins bold
No, kismets, fortunes, spells untold
In you they do reside

Aye, charmers you may find to wed
With acres broad and steady heads
Whose hearts are pure and rare as gold
Their promise sanctified

Allie, Amelia, Millie, mine
Untwine those vines and sweet designs
Three hot coppers for vanity
A score-and-one for pride

Pitman, poet, postman, judge
O, midwife’s guide, O, grandam's drudge
O, farmer’s lad without a grudge
Forsaken by your bride


Vagrant Song

On this road where stardust falls
Two rainbows at a time
I spill this song of winsome belles
May-April side by side