• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 09
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It didn't bother me that you were older.
It had been dark in the nightclub but
even in the morning light of your bachelor's bedroom
your age dignified you and I wanted to love you.
I wondered why you'd brought me back
just to hold me all night like a teddy bear.
You opened your eyes and assessed me
with one eyebrow raised. Before I could say
'Good Morning', you leapt up and invited me
to a full English in the morning room.
You did not stay to hear my answer.

I managed the mushrooms, eggs and tomatoes
whilst you interviewed me for an unknown position.
Certainly nothing I'd knowingly applied for.
You grilled me as toast crumbs stuck between my teeth.
Many of my answers apparently pleased you,
the abandoned sausage, bacon and black pudding,
in congealed grease on the side of my plate, less so.
After a final cup of coffee, you withdrew.
I waited, mesmerised. After an hour you returned:
sank down on one knee and proffered a solitaire.
You did not ask, but placed it on my ring finger,
'You are to be my wife, you are just right.'
I stood up to leave, 'You surrendered yourself to me,
now you are mine.' My feet were rooted to his floor.
My mouth was zippered, my tongue dry.



'Today, we will visit my tailor, my twin,
you must be covered in fine cloth, stitched
to follow your contours and contain your spirit.
He glanced down at my trainers,
'You won't be going running any more, My Dear.'
I mumbled, 'But you do not know my name.'