• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 10
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The Usefulness Of The Insignificant In The Role Of Faith And Doubt

Some people still hold on to firm boundaries
To objects lost - brown soil - orange dust
Everyone else is sure they see the same images
Just on the fringes of the familiar
Murmurs in the margins
Fitted together like the tesserae of a mosaic
A corner turned down
Reminding us later to concede to vulnerability
Under graphite - light and air - the glitter of sun rays
Sitting in obeisance to some command that
no one might have uttered
Drifting to ever widening circular pools
Our bodies' edges merging into another
What is it? Who are you? An insect
Your despair displayed with tassels
and spread on the floor
A gust of wind in the labyrinth
The affect of a magnet on physical things
A photo stuck to the mirror
Faint memories
Orsola, Orsolina… Little bear
A smile is a cipher
A threshold between your life and the lives of strangers
A twitch in the upper lip in the right corner of the mouth
Allowing the eye to wander occasionally off course
with the force of deception