• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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Oh! Here I am…
Upside down
Had planned a holiday bright
But now killing is this daylight.

Mundane were the days,
uninteresting were the nights
followed by the dull
and boring lulls.

Once, a day at nine
I packed my bag
dumped a few hither and
took out a few from thither.

Rushed to the life
leaving the life behind
but, OMG!
no cola no rock-a-rola here.

Only the green and white
rather dull than glittery site
spreading out arms
I’m trying to decide.

The days are long
and nights short
waiting for the (Fri)day,
someone may come.



Alas! Hath come to fill
an empty feel. But
musing around this wavy roller
demands more valor.

Either to be at stake
or taking a new take.
Paused and pondered. Leave it!
Start a fresh, with a yummy cake!