• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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Upright, while upside down

I've been staring at the world like it's upside down.
I've been looking at progress as if going back to being an infant is best, I forget that I am older than I used to be.

Progress means starving, in this upside down paradise: negligent to myself and reliant on those who still cannot swim themselves.
I've been swimming through the world, and my fingers turn to raisins- but, that's okay, "all the best ones' do." All the best ones shrivel up, I suppose, so that's what I'll do...?
Well, with every stroke that I do not take, I sink deeper, and deeper. Upside down becomes more upright. Frightening, really. Alone and drowning means safe and sane, but I'm pretty sure that I'm starving.
Starving: I sink deeper and I become positive that this is what I am, but I cannot keep sinking. Everyone too is starving up there. Up there, at least I can fight for food.
The surface offers air, poisoned air. Air with starving smiles. And I am an animal for taking my turn; jealousy can have an unkind way of showing its burn.

There's land in the distance, people floating, trees coming from the sky and somehow not falling, even though they look so heavy; but from here it all just looks upside down. And they all rest up there in a way like I do not know how.

I've been seeing the world upside down lately, & in here it's freezing. There's safety in the distance, I'm seeing everything upside down for sure, I have to stay positive that I don't fall and break my head. I can't stand to be called dizzy and mentally unrest by those who may not have my hearts' best. Look in the distance, maybe you too will understand.


Upright, while upside down

There's just no time to put on a life jacket, my hands do all the work; just keep swimming... But, I have tunnel vision on this upside down world that is off in the distance.
I hear the worlds' cries, but I also hear my laughs, and this cave has less of an echo as I come to its end. The desperate polarization of my voice becomes just a little less. I let myself rest, and I fall out of the sky- and onto ground I crash, I land.
Tree's don't fall from the sky? Now, they rest on the floor with me.
I have a whole new world to be learning, and here I don't have to work so hard to keep myself upright. It'll be hard to break my head in this worlds' sunlight. The ocean where I once swam is still in sight; but now I'm sure, it looks very upside down. I understand their struggles, I hope they don't drown.
I fell off the deep end; and now I'm on solid ground.