• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Unwrapped Typeface

We paper over guilt
Like a gully trap
Catches approaching wastage
Headpieces filled with the
Infestation of death
Where words make a killing
Desirous of an exposé
A full frontal pastiche
Of severed linguistics
A sui generis mishmash
Almost like a typographical passage
Where wounded words are in rehab
Infused with the elixir of dissolute

Walking into the verdant gardens
Of cryptic messages
Unintelligible like
Incomplete musical notations
Left half way
A prison sentence given
In absentia
The songbird chirping in lieu
Of the spring
Words hanging on to their
Drifting meanings
Thoughts carelessly tossed
The spells cast by forgetfulness


Unwrapped Typeface

As if a forgery has taken place
In the dead stillness of the commonplace
Empty solace of
Temporarily thwarted death.