• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 04
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It wasn’t the
nearly-full moon
that kept me from
Glimpsing E3
– the Green Comet
26 million miles
away from the Earth
The closest it’s been
in 50,000 years,
Since the Palaeolithic era,
the stone age
Did the Neanderthals
see the emerald falling star?
Did they wonder?
Did they sing songs about the cosmos?
Visible with the naked eye
enhanced with binoculars,
better still with a telescope
Burning hot with a green tail
Like the blurry fish underwater
visible with naked eyes
burning with salt
The multi-colored wrasse comes in focus
Enhanced with a mask and snorkel
Better still with a camera
No, it wasn’t the moon.
I was awake, restless
Peered through blinds
To the knotted, naked trees



It was the clouds over the valley
So thick, impenetrable
Now, we wait
Another 50,000