• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 01

Unpleasant on Pleasant Street

Over a year and a half of going through almost a decade of accumulation and a lawsuit with "relatives"
Family has brought a new meaning to the word
Underhanded scheming
All synonyms to our new definition
You hear stories where greed tears families apart
Never thinking it would happen to your "family"
$700,000.00 for a Saks bill and expecting your spinster aunt to write a check due to entitlement issues
Expecting your son to have the classic car passed down to him from your dead uncle just because
Thinking all the schmoozing will get you "everything"
Guess what, notes have been taken all along
Very good notes
You aren't the smartest person in the room
It's a thing
You've ruined your chances, you got nothing
Lost family and fortune
Let me guess which was more important to you?
I guess it's all "relative"