• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07


another ivory creature standing by my beds
of grass, meadows i've tended to with care and desperation

i ask for clarity, in times like this,
i ask for charity, to be spared of doubt,
to be let free and unharmed from any riddle presented.

an old lover rides the creature,
pronounced virility of his shadows
his mounting and fearlessness, an exercise in hypnosis

he's hot and i wonder why he's back.
there is worry, perhaps seeking in his sight.
he searches, screams my name

again again, the echo    a battlecry
he cares for me, and i ask for –
i ask for his eyes to set on mine

but they pass through me, skim
and colour me background.

i stand unperceived in his presence,
frozen in rivers of words i never said
like i love yous and take me to meet your mother dear, let's face our fathers

and live it up Hard in paris and bangkok.
take that trip to inverness, uproot
a family tree of houseplants to a coastal place and invest in temperamental sofas.



you ride away still vibrating
misty eyes and pumping heart
the sun passes through me absolute
my legs, melting into a tail,

i'm fixed on the ground
paralysed by the memories.