• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 09
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- We haven't booked a hotel.
- No.
- I saw one near the train station, we could go and ask there.
- Yes, that's fine.

- We got here, though.
- Yes, which seems odd now.
- Odd?
- Yes. How often do people actually just leave?
- Not often.
- I didn't cancel my newspaper subscription.
- Neither did I.
- How much was the coffee?
- I don't know.
- It's just I don't have much currency.
- We can pay with a card.
- Do they do that here?
- Yes of course, it's still Europe for god's sake.
- Yes sorry.
- It's fine.

- Do you know how to play chess?
- Of course.
- No, I mean do you actually know how to play it?
- I'm not sure. Do you?
- No. I know the rules, but I never had any idea what to do with them.
- Do you want to learn?
- I'd like to, yes, at some point.
- Well, we have time.
- Yes, we have time.
- There'll be a lot of newspapers. What if my door gets stuck on them?



- It's unlikely.
- Yes, it's unlikely.