• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 12


Danny tapping his chin with one finger and his eyes fixated on the painting, tries to figure out what the image means?

A middle-aged woman with short black hair, dressed in a blue pants suit, standing tall and conservative approaches.

“Excuse me, I couldn’t help notice how you haven’t moved from that spot in quite a while. This painting has an effect on you.”

“Yes, I can’t quite imagine what the painter means by this image?” Danny still tapping his chin.

“Most people don’t.” She answers, then sips her coffee without slurping. “The image represents the Egyptian era. See how the painter’s yellow and blue coloring in the man overlaps the woman’s timid pale complexion and grey hair. He’s conveying that the man has absolute power and is of much importance.”

“Huh, I never would have thought that until you came along. This is my first time in the museum. There are so many interesting paintings, but this one in particular caught my eye because of the uniqueness. How do you know so much about art?” Danny asks.

“I’m a college art professor. Well, it’s been nice chatting with you.” She throws her coffee cup in the garbage and walks away.

Danny leaves disappointed that the painting is not ambiguous to him anymore.