• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 03
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When you first arrived I was worried you would break, you appeared so small and fragile. You demanded my attention day and night, controlled my every thought, pulled me into your orbit like a planet to the sun. We existed in our own small world where we bonded, breast to mouth. As you grew I fought off mythical beasts, protected you from yourself, fed and clothed you, while you provided me with untold joy.

But time has played a trick on me. You have grown much quicker than I thought possible. Your fledgling wings are already flapping against the invisible boundaries. I have seen the questions flit across your face, watched your gaze wander outside the confines of our small world; watched you look with curiosity towards the horizon, down into the depths, up to the stars. You ask me questions I can no longer answer.

Soon those fledgling wings will have grown big enough and strong enough to carry you away from me, enabling you to discover those answers for yourself. I have been preparing for that moment all of your life; understanding that you are merely borrowed. My love is unconditional and therefore, when the time comes, I will let you go. It is also why I have captured your image so many times over the years, a reminder of our time together.