• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 03

Unclaimed Freedom

The cerulean tinge peeking through the barbed wires
a gaping hole, like an open, stretched out calloused palm
seeking empathy in hunger, in pain
color tinged rays making their way
through the mishmash of thick wires

I squint my eyes to even the shades
Even then I can see the mesh obstructing my vision
There is too much restriction these days
the invisible virus boisterously ruling our lives,
Holding lien to our breaths
making us beg for the next one, a novel privilege

I want to rip apart this entrapment
Pry it open the obstructed view of the open skies
Let the fraying ends come loose
Shifting wings like a soaring eagle
in the vast cerulean skies
laced with mellifluous melody,
I want to taste freedom through my squinty eyes

I know this calling,
I can feel the warmth in my bones
the sorrow draining from every iota of my existence;
I take the clamps, cut the wires
one joint at a time
slowly but surely


Unclaimed Freedom

Making way for my petite body
to pass through the thin gaps
of this corrugated mesh
and claim the freedom
which is truly mine.