• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 07
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Ulysses must have stopped here

What is it about Berlin and its worn-out wooden staircases –
those that become full of life when our neighbours run up again because they forgot their jackets?
The green of its trees and the glum of its sky
its dark bars and our silent walks by the canal.
Walking down its big pavements without a purpose in the early hours – a Berlin youth staple
grabbing a drink from the Spätti that stands proud and unaffected by the property trends –
between two sprouting bars with expensive wine
As we mind our own business in Berlin
pretending the time has stopped in Berlin
Dragging big IKEA bags to get that Pfand money.
Cracked hands and broken smiles in Berlin
friendships dependent on the weather
Mouthing "let's-do-this-more-often" as we part ways
to only bump into each other at a party of a mutual friend a few months down the line
Communities trying their best in Berlin
Solidarity until 9pm in Berlin
Hangover mornings and a broken coffee machine that needs repair
Recycling trash and thoughts in Berlin


Ulysses must have stopped here

Poor decisions made in Berlin
For it is forgiving and covers up for you like an older sibling that you mostly get along with
Sleeping the worries off under the comfort of big covers and high ceilings
Disappearing for a moment without anyone noticing in Berlin
Writing a diatribe on clouds in Berlin
There's no doubt – as of now,
Ulysses must have stopped here –
on his way to Ithaca.