• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 09
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Tyranny of Tapes and Other Vices

Athena: I cannot be measured by inches on an inch tape.
Tom: Why not?
Athena: Because I cannot and will not be reduced to numbers.
Tom: How old are you?
Athena: You are trying too hard.
Tom: Don’t you like the idea of a dress tailor made just for you? All eyes will be on you once you wear it. I can tell.
Athena: I will pick whatever I like from that store down the street. And I am tired of roving eyes.
Tom: That dress you are thinking of buying will probably have a size stamped on it too, you know.
Athena: But the one that will grace my body will be indifferent to its contours. I will make sure it is.
Tom: You are being difficult.
Athena: To whom?
Tom: You could be kinder to yourself. You can tell me how you would like this dress to be designed. I can guarantee that it will be more you than anything store bought! Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?
Athena: I like to keep my imagination private. And no matter what I wear, I will still be naked among those eyes you mentioned. I would rather keep them guessing a little harder about how my body looks unclothed.
Tom: Your mother would be mortified if I told her about this conversation.
Athena: And she wouldn’t have the heart to send me to another tailor. That’d be a hoot!
Athena’s mother: Are you done?