• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 02
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or maybe visual into the address bar and Google Chrome anticipated visualverse.org and I hit enter and Google Chrome brought me to the page and I opened a fresh Word document and waited for Word to load and I saved the document vis verse and returned to visualverse.org but the view of the artwork was only partial and I scrolled down a few paces and still the view of the artwork fuller now was only partial and I scrolled back up and then down again and then up again and then down again confirming that however I viewed the artwork the view of the artwork was only partial and I decided to scroll back down again to cut off VOL. 02 – CHAPTER 02 and some of the sky for more of the wolf and in particular for the rest of its back right paw and also for the rest of the earth beneath it and I looked at the earth trying to decide what exactly to call it and then glanced up and saw the green grass and decided that the earth was earth even though the bits of stone gave me the impression not of earth but of stone and the dark brown color of the earth was ultimately what convinced me to call the earth earth especially in contrast to or with the green color of the grass and I remembered that the grass was fairly high and decided to look at it again and I had to resist the urge to follow the nose of the wolf pointing toward a trail probably or a narrow road trailing or winding in the middle distance and off with a squiggle and a hairpin turn here and there and a lighter gray that stood out in the darker green valley and disappeared over a hummock and likely continued between the twin peaks although it may very well have taken a sharp turn up one of the peaks and climbed and when I returned to the wolf it was no longer pointing with its nose at the trail or the road but standing next to me in its grey coat light on its paws but braced for sudden movement despite that I did not pose a threat or maybe the sudden movement would threaten me and I wanted to rub its neck on the right side nearest me and with my right hand feel against the grain of the soft fur with the leading edge of my outer palm and flex my fingers slightly into the fur and if I was daring continue along its neck to its right ear drawn back and flop it over