• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 10

Two Interiors

1. An Interior Fortress

Do you like my fortress?
Please admire the window bars,
the high walls and the impressive moat.
Can you sense its impregnability?
Please take your time:
this edifice took many years to build.
One or two special features are worth noting:
firstly, the repressive drawbridge;
secondly, the rationalised crenellations;
thirdly the sublimated cellars;
fourthly, the displaced squinch;
fifthly, the projected vaulted staircase;
sixth, the main entrance in denial
with depressed cupola...
Oh, I forgot to mention,
you may notice the unusual materials used,
books instead of stone,
that was an early decision...
can you hear the music of the spheres?
that was another primitive compensation,
protection from the Enemy,
to keep a safe defence;
always exchanging skin for jacket-wall.

Please do not sit on the furniture,
anyhow, little remains of the original,
but you are welcome to walk along the perimeter walls.


Two Interiors

2. An Interior Palace

Welcome to my palace.
Please admire the opulence,
the dancing girls
and the absence of any defensive structures.
One or two special features are worth noting:
firstly, every season is welcomed with open arms;
secondly, the open aspect and ornate gate;
thirdly, the garlanded terraces;
fourthly, the undulating gables;
fifthly, the towering stupa;
sixth, the golden gong which reverberates
with music of the spheres...
Oh, I forgot to mention,
this palace, with adjoining temple,
was only excavated recently...
archaeologists were astounded by its pristine condition:
“...precious gems were found ten feet underground.”

You are welcome to explore the inner shrine,
but please do not climb on the altar.