• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 05

twiggy wiggy was aware, twiggy wiggy had such a scare

He looked at her, she looked casually
at the ground because his gaze appeared naturally
even with a twinkle, seeming bashfully

did not want for him to discover her truest insecurity
That all it took was light
Shown from his eyes that night
Insects chirped all nearby
And even when one began to cry
Silence broken by a sigh
fragments flew, a shadow materialized

Some may say that nothing's much changed,
the dissenters crow higher a-doodle-doos
then a rogue rabbit skips from carrot patch
just past the dirt soil basin's hatch

Sitting here, chewing on a root
makes real a longing for paddy bear’s boot
Cloaking a bare bottom foot
Keeping an eye for even the softest nook

Jack Johnson wrote a child’s lullaby,
Bowie stepped up for the teenage queen,
Dylan comforted a listless boy’s recovery,


twiggy wiggy was aware, twiggy wiggy had such a scare

Now here I am confronting what it actually means
When I knocked at the door of the neuromancer’s house,
a necromancer on behalf of neurons…
He shockingly said, come right in
I said to him, you know I am your kin

It appeared he knew all along,
And for a time we went on,
detailing fragments of our past
Making connections, bridging gaps,
Being in ‘that moment, then,’
brought to mind, a baby hen

Not a chicklet-to-be pez dispensed,
but a rubber ducky splashing high

In the tumult of a young man’s tub,
splashing puddles that seemed rough
he had sense enough
to never be out-toughed

now hoping for this winter chill to fade
a bristling ladybug crawls up her back
camps overnight, wings still intact
sputtering away 30 miles west,
in a city that's made, to no one in particular's behest.