• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 12
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Twenty-One Grams

Weigh your souls here, gently, quietly,
infinite digressions judged and assimilated,
all your past assessed and assembled,
to know your history is to know your future –
are you sure you wish to know
the truth at the weary heart of you?

This used to be made of gold and truth,
emblazoned resplendent assessment of you.
Austerity times change even the gods,
weary passive observers glimpsed
in twilight, shadows and silhouettes,
cast by the light of the moon.

Objective truth is realised here,
can't hide away hidden violent thoughts.
We all think we are the hero of our story,
how will you react to becoming the villain?
Your soul shrivels and sighs with veracity,
undermines the very core of you.

You are forgiven to hesitate at this moment,
are you really ready to be judged and seen?
All the secret judgements now loudly spoken
from loudspeakers, all your lies/half-truths
gilded in gold, memories printed online
for all to see your soul, wax and wane.


Twenty-One Grams

The hills cannot answer for you, nature
watches and waits, without will or conviction.
Fine to walk away if you don't wish to see
the tired truths and private desires. No judgement,
no condemnation, we are what we are, stare in
to the void or walk way, your choice, freedom.