• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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(for Khadija Saye)

They haunt me! Your eyes
that expose much more than flesh.
Aren’t you scared, namesake?

Dress, lips, ears, eyes — closed
under sacred words sewn up.
Yet you see, everything.

You have seen, but do not want to see.
Gis nga waye goumbo

You wear tééré like
a scholar hides precious words
in miniature books.

Body, nose, cheeks — Black.
You see colour we can’t see.
You are still, namesake.

Speak the unspoken; show the unseen.
Wahh lou kendoul wahh, won'neh lou ken gissoul



Are you hiding? – no.
You wear your soul on your eyes;
smile at your own bravery,

You are protected,
A private yet public life
We will keep you safe;

From what you may never know, namesake.
Jo'gay si lou ken hamout, turra'ndorr