• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 12
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Turquoise lava

But of course, it’s a key on the wire, why do you ask? It’s rusty, since it has just been pulled from the turquoise river in the back, which is overflowing with lava at present. Sign of the times, what can you do?

The key is on its way across the river of lava, bank to bank, fisherman to fisherman.

The town keeps a box, you see, with a note saying “Open to reset the world. When you find the key, you will know.”

A fisherman gathering barbecued fish spotted the key.

And the box is on the other side.

Not only will it fit. The world will indeed reset, and the lava will flow again. There just won’t be any people to witness it.

When they said “Don’t make the same mistake twice”, they had inventors of humans in mind. Luckily, not only they destroyed themselves so happily, they even found the key to restore the rest of us.

So you see, son, this is your last chance to observe one. This over there is a human. Isn’t it ugly?