• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 10
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Tunnel of Love

if I hadn’t seen your rucksack in the corner
I’d have thought that you’d been cut out of my life

if I hadn’t heard the rumble of the closing doors
I’d have missed the excitement of the ride

if I hadn’t felt the rush of wind as the train sped
through the tunnel I’d have lost you in the dark

if I hadn’t read the sign that said no smoking
I’d have kept the passion burning from the start

if I hadn’t seen the painted line between us
you’d have swept me from the platform’s edge

if I hadn’t heard the voice say mind the gap
I’d have thought we’d never split or drift apart

if I hadn’t seen the welcoming moquette
I’d never have been seated at your feet

and I’d never have laid my bundle down beside you
and set out on this journey beneath the earth