• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03



Merriam Webster:

a: to fall suddenly and helplessly

Your sphincter relaxes.
it only takes seconds, but you know
that you might break something.
Even your neck
If encased in a metal suit, you may shrivel
in it slowly like a dead plum.
Nobody will hear your cries
for help, only your own ears.
Your armour rusts.
Eventually it will disintegrate
and metal will mix with
your biodegradables.
Nature will reclaim it all.

b: to suffer a sudden downfall, overthrow, or defeat

They attacked you from behind.
You had set your sights on winning
the battle.
There were those who disagreed.
You first made concessions,
then you attacked.
Your allies left your flanks and back
open for the others’ lances to knock



you off your horse.
You fell, an armoured beetle,
couldn’t turn yourself around.
The new king left you to rot.

c: to decline suddenly and sharply

Your time has come.
Your breath is laboured.
The pain in your chest is unexpected.
You cease.