• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 02
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A nightmare recurring wherein she was helpless
Though bathed in the warmth of the love of her father.
        Edges not meshing, boulder strewn landscape
blocking her path to her own destination
        Awash in soft light she reached for the sky.

“Come” he whispered, encouraged, cajoling.
        “All will be well”
But her feet would not move.

Hopeless desolation sucked at her clothing
Freezing, encasing her body in fear.
“This way” his warm voice yet enjoined her.
       Her need great, in his way to go.
               Fighting through the dark weight of her dream
she gasped, sitting upright, alone but aware.

Around her just silence
curtains soft and filmy danced in the breeze
In bare feet she moved
seeking reassurance.
The scene out the window solid and sane.

Then the light on the phone beckoned her brightly.
A message from dad,
       soft pleadings to visit
and calling her home.