• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01


The three of them always ate together. It was allowed. The big one was late every time, the other two waited.

I knew she was going to be late. Inspecting from high up on the toilet block roof, I could see her. Down there at the fence with that boy again.

I don’t like trouble.

I leapt down and slowly crouched forward, through my entry in the kitchen door towards the dining bench.

Got into position with them, now there were three of us and we waited. I think it was working, nobody noticed that it was me instead.

I kept as still as can be, my tail tucked in, eyes squeezed and ears forward. Feeling frightened.

There was going to be trouble.

Then the big one came rushing in. Face flushed, hair all bushy, the hat falling off.

Matron shouted.

I shot off into the kitchen and jumped in that small box in the corner.

I helped, but still there was trouble.