• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08


From under the bridge he emerged from the deep,
The murky muddy waters where fish dare not creep,
A hideous sight, a fairy tale creature,
But inspection reveals a most unusual feature.

For this troll was no match for an average man,
Or a woman or a child or a pet or a van,
For crossing the bridge could ne'er be curtailed,
By this strange little fella whose fairy tale failed.

As ugly as expected and a stink that blew wide,
Behaving as expected, in the wavy reeds he'd hide,
When the scent of human perfume inflicted upon his nose,
Just like any other troll he got expectant, struck a pose.

But when the passersby reached the apex (that's the top),
Old troll leapt out and soon became a great big laughing stock,
For even though he looked quite yuck and smelled of sewerage raw,
His Dad once mugged a mermaid here which accounted for his flaw.

He looked like Dad from shoulders up but then mothers genes were stronger,
His saggy chest, depicting breasts, exposed a troll no longer,
No chasing folk who cross the bridge, no legs with which to wade,
His bottom half identical to a pink and blue mermaid!