• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 04
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Gwan Winnona, fly! Over hills, marshlands, mountains. Gwan Emmerline, Gwan! Let limbs stretched over yards, miles, years; tell folk and kin of glory.
For our days have come. Gwan Sophia, tell of fight and struggle, of prosperous and lean times of hope and tribulations but most of all tell of Triumph.
Yes Rosa, Gwan!
Let your name be spoken with reverence.
Harriet, gave her all to us, for us. Gave her very essence, wrapping us all in her crimson cloak of determination.
Warm against icy ills… famine, hate, discrimination. Gwan Winnona, stride.
Your all-encompassing passion for equality a warm flame in dire times.
Gwan Eugenia, let your name be spoken in reverence.
Gwan Sushama.
Women all over Gwan.
We have overcome so much but best of all we still keep striving.
Let Gwan Winnona be your chant!