• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 10
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Treading Water

Big Al, the
mud puddle master,
braves tempest pools where
where the body politic
herd together to argue,
oink and squeal like swine,
rub oil onto smooth skin,
swill poolside drinks,
brag about bullshit—
eco destruction hailed a
noble accomplishments;
     Big Al listens
     Big Al thinks
     Big Al knows
egocentric people
never measure up to
his patrician patience,
civil domestication,
pot-bellied perseverance;
under August azure skies,
licking his lucky tusks,
Big Al floats above in all:
cerebral, content, refreshed...
gallant head piercing the cool,
clear, chlorinated water,
piggy-stroking his way past
each daily crisis—buoyant
beyond false human promises,


Treading Water

mental obstacles, physical pitfalls—
fearlessly existing without agency,
guidance, or military intervention.