• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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Trapped and Blinded

He tosses a green sash
Around my head, my hair—
Covering my eyes.
Why would he do this?
What about my likeness?
What about my truth?
I try to speak, but everything
Is dark and fragile.
The torment is too much
To bear...

He pulls me toward him
Shimmying the sash,
Careful not to bend my
I am still.
The entire time, I focus
On my breathing.
1 Banana. 2 Banana. 3 Banana. 4...
I am trapped.
Blinded by green in a
Black world full
Of sin.
He is hoping I would
Remember this day
As one full of trust.


Trapped and Blinded

But, why would I trust
Someone willing to trap
Me and keep me blind
To what is taking place
Around me?
However, I remain.
In his grasp,
Wrapped around the green
Of his hold.